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Vs Deda[no date set]

Team News

Rotten Fist lost the game to Decomposing Composers after a horrible 1st half with too much missed tackles and go-for-it rolls; Halftime adjustments gave the team a fighting chance but unfortunately RB Vick messed up final play of the game that could have led to Overtime. Team is still in fine shape in Armageddon division, but will probably have to win out to ensure playoff berth. Left tackle, mummy Nameless One finaly made some plays and scored 2 casualties; Overall Line played good game in second half, but will need to play more consistently in next games.

Team Roster in Excel Format: Rotten Fists

Current Standings in Krvava Grupa Armageddon Division: Armageddon Table

Current Standings in Liga Bez Briga Division: Bezbrizna Tabela